Gasoline Cutting FAQ’s


YES …and MORE.  The SUPACUT Oxy-gasoline system was originally designed as a VERY powerful cutting system and that is its primary strength. The starter set includes the explosion proof tank, fuel hose, oxygen regulator and hose plus cutting torch and tips to cut up to 4″ thick steel.

However if you want to heat, weld (or braze) there are also optional a heating torch and a welding torch available. If you need to cut or heat, oxy-gasoline is the way to go, as it has much higher performance and the running cost is a fraction of acetylene!

If welding is your primary need, yes you can weld with the optional welding torch, however due to the greater oxidizing nature of the oxy-gasoline flame steel welding is more challenging than with an acetylene setup and its extra power limits its suitability for lighter materials.