For almost 120 years Acetylene has been used as the predominant fuel to provide high temperature flame for heating, welding or cutting of steel and is still commonly used by millions of workers around the world every day.

HOWEVER Acetylene is expensive and has limitations with speed, depth and quality of cut. DAVCO has now overcome these issues with the advent of their range of SupaCut Liquid fuel torches. With the use of liquid fuels a DAVCO Supercut torch can cut steel up to 12 inches thick, can cut faster, can cut cleaner, can cut safer and can cut  cheaper than anything else !

DAVCO SupaCut torches are simple, easy, safe and super economical to use. If you want to cut/heat/bend steel why would you use anything else ?

DAVCO prides itself in providing owners with a premium quality product designed and manufactured with the very best of materials to provide a lifetime of use and then be able to passed on to the next generation of users.