Who We Are

About Us

DAVCO is a privately owned company based in Australia has its origins back in 1998 as an offshore manufacturer with global distribution always focused on delivering quality reliable products to our customers at very competitive price.

Davco has evolved into a company that primarily designs and manufactures specialised Flame Cutting Technology equipment (SupaCut) that use liquid fuels like gasoline, (petrol) diesel, and kerosene. These liquid fuels, enable owners to take advantage of enhanced functionality including greater cutting power, increased cutting speed, substantial reduction of operational costs plus enhanced operational safety.

DAVCO cutting torch packages are comprised of specialised components for liquid fuels and are used with other readily available components used with common oxy-gas systems (eg. oxygen tank and regulator). DAVCO offers a range of standard packages but also builds custom systems to meet specialised customer requirements for liquid fuel cutting.

DAVCO cutting torch systems are now being used around the world including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania and are steadily becoming the preferred cutting torch technology for well informed  companies and contractors.  Our products are of value to Governments, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Commercial and industrial Services, Numerous Trades, Agriculture, Mining and many other diverse users.

We are available online 24/7,  365 days a year but due to our international clientele and widely differing time zones we apologise if it sometimes takes a day or so to respond to your inquiry

For further information please feel free to give us a call (+61 466 980-909) between 8am and 6pm Australian Queensland time (or send an email with any enquiry – sales@davco.biz ).