DAVCO uses liquid fuels such as gasoline and diesel for the same reason we use them in our automobiles, boats, motorbikes, jetskis, mowers chainsaws etc…. because the fuels are safe, stable, always available and very affordable.

A large part of why for decades we use liquid fuels in our vehicles is because the fuel itself is very stable. Liquid gasoline cannot burn or explode, it needs to vapourise to burn. This is why our design ensures the fuel stays liquid all the way from the fuel tank to the tip of the torch, where the fuel and oxygen then meet and mix and only then as the fuel exits the tip can it burn.

As for the equipment, DAVCO systems have design safety features which help to keep operator and operations safe. For example our Gasoline fuel tanks are UNPRESSURISED and an explosion proof design.  There is no need for additional compressed air supply or special valves and no possibility of fuel ever spraying from a break in an unpressurised fuel line. The fuel is actually sucked from the tank by the torch and any break or failure in the fuel supply will simply mean no fuel and the torch flame will go out.

DAVCO’s SupaCut is light and easily transportable with even our largest 2.5 gallon tank system being relatively small and light weight, easily picked up by one hand. Compared to an equivalent 250 cubic foot acetylene cylinder weighing about 118 lbs.