Greatly increased performance over other gas fueled oxy-cutting systems.

Vapourised liquid fuel is four times the density of a gaseous fuel like Acetylene and is what provides amazing power allowing the DAVCO system to easily make stacked/layered cuts, air gap cuts, and deep hole punches. It is also the reason why coupling distance with the DAVCO system is so flexible, and why preheating through dirt and paint happens much quicker.

Liquid fuel’s extended release of heat and energy is another large contributing factor to the cutting capabilities of the DAVCO system. The heavy dense vapors of liquid fuel extends combustion all the way down the length of the flame. This longer duration of combustion pushes further into the steel and continues to heat down the length of the steel. The energy released by the burning steel also adds to the flame’s heat and penetration.

With liquid fuel’s higher oxidation rate, cuts are made quicker by not having to melt through unburnt material. Where other gaseous-fuel systems typically only oxidize 70% of the material being cut using liquid fuel and 99.99% pure oxygen leads to 99.99% of the steel being consumed.

This results in faster cuts and as there is no slag build up so cuts can be made in one pass without need to return to recut reconnected material. Also, without slag build up, grinding a cut is usually not needed.

Additionally, Typically users source 99.99% pure oxygen cor cutting but if pure oxygen is not readily available the SuperCut’s higher oxidation rate also allows DAVCO systems to use lower purity oxygen (93-95% pure).  If using lower purity oxygen operators can expect drop in performance since every 1% reduction of oxygen purity reduces cutting speed and/or performance by 3-5%.