Dramatic cost savings: Utilizing a liquid  fuel such as gasoline or diesel instead of acetylene as the combustible fuel has an outstanding effect on reducing operating costs which can be reduced by up to 90%! Oxygen consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Performance: SUPACUT quickly and easily cuts through up to 12″ thick steel (with the appropriate hand piece and cutting tip).

Versatility: A liquid fuel cutting flame will easily cut across voids (air space between plates). Cuts through paint, dirt, rust and other contaminating surface materials coating old steel.

Cleaner smoother cut: This system provides almost 100% oxidation during cutting so leaves an unmatched smooth clean cut finish.

User Safety: Utilizing gasoline or diesel (as a fuel) greatly improves the cut providing almost 100% oxidation of the cut material leaving virtually no hazardous molten steel in the slag.

Multi-layer cutting: Due to the very clean cut and 100% oxidation there is almost no molten steel residue to “stick” cut plates together Why cut one piece when you can cut 5 or 10 at the same time!

Stable flame: Due to the unique patented venturi assisted liquid fuel delivery system the cutting flame is extremely stable. The torch can be used at any angle and even if torch is used upside down or shaken violently the flame shape will not change, even immersed underwater the flame keeps going!

Robust design: The SUPACUT torches are manufactured with quality brass and stainless steel and will prove to be a durable and reliable system providing many years of service.

Easy-to-use: The hi density fuel flame dramatically increases coupling distance capability so the tools are much more forgiving when used by novice operators or when used  in difficult/harsh/cold or windy operating environments..

Accurate fuel delivery: Even at only low 75psi (0.5Mpa) oxygen pressure hand pieces can be used with long hoses and up to 15ft vertical height above the fuel supply tank.

Safe: Amazing as it may initially seem, Gasoline is actually a much safer fuel than acetylene and other flammable gas cutting fuels and Diesel even more so. Despite LIQUID gasoline being impossible burn or explode the fuel tanks are also an advanced explosion-proof design so that it can reduce the fuel explosion probability to ZERO. Even if the tank is penetrated the gasoline fuel will not explode.   Use of our specialised Diesel fueled torches and systems provides a further margin of operational safety in particularly hazardous environments such as underground mining operations.


No need for large heavy cylinders of compressed flammable gaseous fuels or a supply of compressed air.   Just a DAVCO SupaCut torch, some hoses, a small liquid fuel tank and an oxygen cylinder.  That’s it thus very easy to transport and use. (We also have simple backpack systems for full mobile use by fire/search/rescue/law enforcement etc). 

Long Tip life: Due to liquid fuels unique self cooling effect DAVCO tips are known to last for many months or years even in regular use. The bigger the tip size, the cooler it runs and the longer it lasts. (Another ongoing cost saving to owners and operators). 

Slag Free Cutting: The liquid fuel flame creates a much higher oxidation rate compared to gaseous-fuel systems thereby resulting in nearly 100% oxidization of the cut so almost no molten slag so lighter, cooler and less harmful sparks making it safer and giving a one time clean cut.

Penetration: Higher density liquid fuel generates an extended burn time over a great distance.  This not only contributes to the DAVCO systems advanced cutting power and capabilities, but it also allows operators to increase their coupling distance well beyond the standard torch to material distance making it much easier to start and maintain a cut while resulting in risk reduction for themselves from potentially damaging heat and/or debris.

Fuel Availability: Another great benefit is the easy availability of liquid fuel. Often users will have a liquid fuel already on site, and if not, it is just a matter of locating the local gas station for a fuel of choice. The convenience and savings in liquid fuel’s availability comes into play when operators are pressed for time and need fuel instantly. Having fuel readily available reduces both delays in operations and also eliminates delivery fees/charges from specialist suppliers.

Long Product Life: DAVCO prides itself in making premium quality product designed and manufactured with the very best of materials.  DAVCO Tools will provide a lifetime of use and can then be passed on to the next generation.